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The world is full of wonders. A lot of things we don’t know or never saw. Moreover, some things we don’t know even exist. Like yesterday, I was wondering on the internet like any other day. Suddenly I come across a fish image that has an odd face structure.

Then I looked into the details. The heading was “Fish That Looks Like a Human.”

I was like, seriously!

After checking the image more carefully, what you know! The face portion does look like a human. Therefore, this topic picked up my interest.

Then, I checked up the term on Google and found several articles and videos with similar topics. However, most of the information doesn’t carry any valid source or looks fake. So, I decided to put few popular ones in a single blog post that has some validity.

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Blobfish (Psychrolutes marcidus):

Blobfish, also known as the smooth-head Blobfish that is from the family Psychrolutidae. This species lives in 600-1200 m (where the pressure is 100 times greater) of the sea depth of New Zealand, Australia, and Tasmania. The Blobfish was discovered in 2003 in New Zealand by marine ecologist Kerry Parkinson. It’s also known as one of the ugliest-looking fish/creatures on earth.

BlobFish (Fish with Human-like Appearance)


  • Blobfish can reach a maximum length of 30 cm or 12 inches and weigh around 2 kg.
  • The flesh of this species is primarily a gelatinous mass that density a little above the water. However, bringing a dead blobfish on the surface will look like a 1980s dessert.
  • Blobfish don’t have a swim bladder; the air sac-style organ helps them to stay closer to the surface and control buoyancy.
  • They float just above the seafloor without swimming or energy spending.
  • The blobfish lack muscle and bones.
  • Also, it doesn’t have a skeleton.
  • The face or head is fat-looking.
  • Their bodies, pinkish-grey in color, taper to the tail a bit like a tadpole.
  • The eyes are round and black.
  • They feed on floating edible matters like crustaceans.

Similarities with Humans:

As you can see in the above picture, their forward extended body parts look like a human nose. The eyes are black that resemble humans. The wrinkled below parts match to human mouth and chin. Overall, if you look at the picture, the Blobfish has a face that looks like a human.

Matsuba Koi:

This renowned Koi species also looks like it having a human face if you stare from above or from a certain angle. The Matsuba Koi’s origin is in Japan. It’s a metallic body-colored (color may vary) with a net pattern Koi fish.

Maksuba Koi (Fish with human-like appearance)
Image Source:giobelkoicenter


  • It’s a Koi species with a variety of colors, including Yellow, Red, Metallic, etc.
  • They’re from the carp family.
  • Matsuba Koi can grow about 3 inches.
  • It’s a hardy fish that can survive in poor water conditions.
  • The ideal water temperature is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • They can eat almost anything, omnivore.
  • Water pH should be between 6.8 and 7.2.
  • The minimum pond size recommended is 1000 gallons with 3 inches depth.

Similarities with Humans:

As we’ve mentioned before, if you look at this Koi from above, the mouth part will look like a human face. Especially the metallic-colored Matsuba.

Fish with Human Teeth (Sheepshead):

This one is more interesting than the rest. Nathan Martin is a regular angler at the fishing spot Jeannette’s Pier in North Carolina. And he was waiting for a long time for this fish. And his patience was paid off.

Sheepshead fish (Fish with human-like appearance)

First, it looked like any other usual fish. However, observing the fish for a while, Martin discovered the frontal teeth of that fish terrifically similar to human teeth structure. After that, he took few snaps by holding the fish and upload it on Social media.

And it stirred the internet world, and many people were saying, “it has better teeth than mine.”

However, it was Archosargus Probatocephalus, also known as the Sheepshead. It’s a marine fish that can grow about 80 centimeters in length. The name Sheepshead comes from their resemblance with the sheep heads, hence, the name.

Sheepshead fish

Its body contains 5 to 6 black bars on a gray-colored body. The dorsal spine of sheepsheads is sharp. And their mouth is hard and contains multiple rows of stubby teeth. This fish’s diet contains clams, oysters, bivalves, fiddler crabs, barnacles, and other usual crustaceans.

Fish with a Human Face in China:

A video went viral in November or April 2019 on various social media platforms. That video footage showed a Carp fish with a human face tapping its head above the water surface at the lake’s or pond’s edge. The video publisher claimed that the video was recorded outside the city of Kunming in South China.

Carp Fish with a human face in China

Although the authenticity of the video was questioned, it created a huge uproar on the internet. Many top-rated news sites published articles about this human-like carp fish in China. This video was first published in the Chinese version of TikTok and later many other social media platforms. However, we couldn’t find the original video source. Therefore we couldn’t embed it here.

Rather, we’ve found a good clip on Youtube, and we’re embedding it here for your convenience.

In the video, the recorded carp fish has two black dots resembling human eyes. And two vertical stripes that gave it a nose shape. Also, it had a horizontal line giving it a mouth shape. However, most people agree that this shape is visible if you look at it from a certain angle.

However, another popular theory that people agreed with is linked to Ningyo, a fish-like creature from Japanese folklore. Here’s the link if you’re interested in reading more about the topic.

Pacu: Fish with human-like teeth:

Pacu is omnivorous South American freshwater serrasalmid fish species that can grow up to 1 meter (100 cm) long and 40 kg (About 88.5 lb.) in weight. Pacus are connected to the Piranhas. Both of them inhabit rivers, floodplains, reservoirs, and lakes in South America.

Pacu Fish (Fish With Human-like Teeth)

The main difference between pacus and piranhas is their jaw alignment. The Pacu has straighter teeth (more like to human teeth structure) with a less severe underbite/overbite. On the other hand, Piranha has pointed teeth like knives for flesh or scales.

Pacu fish (Fish with human-like Teeth)
Image Source:cbsnews

A few anglers from Michigan unexpectedly meet the red-bellied species of Pacu with human-like teeth structure. From the researchers’ perspective, the uncannily human-like teeth of this fish aren’t normal. Therefore, they’re trying to find the reasons behind it.

Moreover, unlike Piranhas, Pacus feed mostly on plant matters rather than other kinds. However, Pacus’s human-like teeth are strong enough to break the fingers of a man. But, they use those chompers for cracking nuts and seeds for eating.

Fish with Human-like Teeth and Lips from Malaysia:

Another human-like fish that shook up the internet in mid-July of 2020. @raffnasir from Malaysia posted a fish image on Twitter on 2nd July of 2020, saying, “her lips are sexier than me.”

Fish with Human-like teeth and Lips from Malaysia
Image Source: Twitter

After few days, it took over the internet, saying fish with human-like plump lips and teeth. And, Some of the big news sites published articles regarding this fish.

The fish’s lips were terrifically similar to humans. And, the teeth structure was highly matched to human chompers. As we’ve identified, this fish is called “Triggerfish.”

However, after researching this topic for a long time, we can tell you that this was a Triggerfish for sure. But, the image is most probably a modified one. And we do want to believe our conclusion is wrong.

Even after watching the picture, some marine specialists said that the real Triggerfish has pulp lips, and their teeth have an unusual structure. But those aren’t similar to human chompers.

Triggerfish (fish with Human-like lips)

Triggerfish have around 40 species, and they’re part of the Balistidae family. This fish species live in comparatively shallow coastal and coral reefs of the tropical and subtropical oceans. The average length of the Triggerfish Species is about 20-50 cm.

It has an oval-shaped body with a large head. The Triggerfish has a strong jaw with teeth that are capable of crushing shells. The eyes are small which are quite far from the mouth. This colorful species feed on slow-moving mollusks, sea urchins, and crustaceans, and have fins.

Other than these fish stories we’ve mentioned in this post, there’re a few more stories or photos you may find on google. However, after reading all of those and digging more, we couldn’t find much authenticity or validity for those information. So, we’ve skipped those. But, if you feel interested, you can google it anytime.

Last Hurrah:

The human brain loves to see patterns. When we come across something that looks like a person, it triggers our brains and causes us to pay attention more. The same is true for fish. Fish that looks like a human isn’t a myth or an absurd idea. There’re few fish species that you may encounter in the real world that have similarities with us.

Moreover, most of the information on the internet regarding this matter are fake, or the images are engineered. However, we’ve collected the most popular human-like fish stories with some authenticity in them. Some of those fishes have human-like faces or teeth structures that made people wonder if the humans really evolved from them.

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