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Welcome to Aquaristland.com! I created The Aquarist Land out of my passion towards Fish, Aquarium, and other Aquatic Animals. I also wanted to help you to take better care your Aqua buddies. As you know, we fish tank hobbyists are crazy about this. We’ll do anything to keep our tank, and fish at best condition. Also, I love reading and sharing related information with my fellow aquarists. 

That’s why I created this site for help you guys. If my knowledge or information could benefit a single person, I’ll be pretty happy.

"I Try To Help Aquarists To Become Better At This "

ABOUT Aquarist Land

A Little Background..
Growing up in a family that has always garden ponds, aquariums, and several other aqua buddies, I think I spent more time around fish and them than the regular household pets. Along the way, I managed to pick up a load of practical knowledge and keeping experience, and it was this knowledge and constant exposure to the hobby that really sparked my deeper interest within the industry. I constantly active in the different user-oriented groups from Reddit, Facebook, quora, and medium. 

 I’ve been doing this for a while, and it’s safe to say, I really love what I do!

Why a website, though?
Pond and fish keeping are fantastic hobbies, but I feel that the majority of information on the web is stuck in the past. And the different user-oriented groups lack orderly information.

It’s not always easy for new pond owners, or aquarium hobbyists to find updated information online, and this problem is only emphasized by the large number of questions I  saw on those groups and web pages. 

Essentially, I feel the hobby needs a new look and some fresh insights, and with it a new place to gain information, recommendations, and maybe even some new friends along the way.

I also really enjoy writing in my spare time, so it just made sense to combine one hobby with another!

And that’s pretty much it. Not much else to say except I hope you find the articles here useful. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment!


Have a question? Shoot me a message using the contact form, or leave a comment on a related article. Always happy to help and hear feedback.

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Aquarist Land is a hobby built on an existing hobby that I deeply enjoy. I write here in my free time, but it still costs money to maintain and manage the website. You’ll find in some articles I may link to external storefronts where I may have recommended a particular product. Never will I recommend low-quality products for the sake of it, and will only link to quality items that I’d personally use myself.

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