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Can You Put a Pleco in a Koi Pond-Aquarist Land

Pleco in a Koi pond

Plecostomus is also known as Pleco, is a freshwater Catfish. It’s an excellent addition to the aquarium or pond that lives at the bottom part of the water level. The Pleco or common Pleco feed on mostly algae, small crustaceans,…

Can Koi Eat Cheese- Aquarist Land

Can Koi Eat Cheese

Koi are the omnivorous fish from the family carp. They eat almost everything and need frequent feedings as they don’t have a stomach to keep the food for a long time. Koi owners wonder what else they can feed besides…

Best Freshwater Fish Tanks of All Time- Aquarist Land

Best Freshwater Fish Tank

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  4.8/5 Editor Rating Why it is the best? Easy to Setup and Maintenance. Heater, Filter, Decor Everything Included. Excellent Build Quality with Reasonable Price. Easy to Customize. A good…