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Can Fish See Water

Can Fish See Water

The answer to this question is not a simple yes or no. Fish do see water, but their vision is not as clear as humans. Fish have a lateral line system that helps them sense movement in the water and…

Fish That Looks Like a Human- Aquarist Land

Blobfish (Fish with human-like features)

The world is full of wonders. A lot of things we don’t know or never saw. Moreover, some things we don’t know even exist. Like yesterday, I was wondering on the internet like any other day. Suddenly I come across…

Fish That Looks Like an Eel- Aquarist Land

Common Eel in fish That look like an eel

While many people think that eels are slimy, elongated, ugly creatures that live underwater, but they actually look quite beautiful and interesting. The truth is that some fish species can be mistaken for an eel because of their long body…

How to Feed Koi Fish Garlic – Aquarist Land

How to Feed garlic to Koi fish

Garlic is an ingredient that helps food taste better. When used in the right amounts, it has many health benefits. Garlic makes fish food more enticing to fish, but more importantly, it helps keep parasites away, promotes growth, and boosts…