Fish Starting With Letter U in The Beginning

Are you wondering whether there is a fish starting with the letter U in the beginning? Or, you want to know how many fish names start with U. Well, then you’re in the right place. Today’s article will talk about all the fishes we’ve found, starting with U.

First, we’ll discuss some of the common and popular fish species with the letter U at the beginning from freshwater and saltwater. And later, we’ll mention all the remaining fishes with similar trait. So, let’s get into the main dish.

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Most Common and Popular Fishes Starting with U:

1. Uaru Cichlid:

The Uaru, also known as the brainy cichlid, is an uncommon South American fish with a distinctive triangle-shaped body found in sandy rivers. They are not as brightly colored or marked up as other similar types of freshwater aquarium pets.

Uaru Cichlid - Fish Names Starting with U

However, they make up for it by being intelligent and having character traits that set them apart from others.

The Uaru is a fish that thrives in both warm water and clear flowing rivers. They are omnivores, feeding on crustaceans as well as worms or insects depending on what is available. Some people refer to them as chocolate cichlid and Waroo too.

The Uaru is a fish with the classic cichlid’s shape. It has spines embedded in its dorsal fin and, when extended, gives it a triangular profile. The anal fin also extends nearly to the length of the body, making this animal a powerful swimmer!

2. Upside-down Catfish:

The Upside-down Catfish is a popular species that have been admired for countless centuries. It’s named so because its swimming posture makes it easier to feed on top of the water. Also, the blotchy appearance makes it easier to identify.

Upside-down Catfish - Fish starting with U

The upside-down catfish is a freshwater riverine species that can be found in Central Africa. It inhabits the thickly vegetated areas around rivers, and it swims faster when swimming right-side-up.

However, it may shortly switch to an invertebrate mode for short periods while pursuing prey or avoiding predators who are more accustomed to seeing them this way!

The upside-down catfish have large eyes, a forked tail, and three pairs of barbels. Their light brown-colored body is covered with dark blotches that vary in size from small to large.

These fish are colorblind – it takes more than just being able to see well enough not to be dazzled by sunlight! Like other types of “catfishes,” these Catfish also possess sharp fin spines on their undersides which can cause injuries if they’re handled improperly.

3. Unicornfish:

The Unicornfish is a colorful, peaceful species that live in schools. They feed on algae and are closely related to tangs (and surgeonfish). Their horn-like appendage can be upsized when Unicorn fish grow an inch or more long!

Unicornfish (a fish that starts with U in the beginning)

The males tend to be larger than females with longer horns; this makes them perfect for fighting over territory. Their skin isn’t as susceptible to bacteria attacks because of its skin smoothness.

Unicornfish are colorful herbivores that live in warm waters around coral reefs. They can be found anywhere from the Indian Ocean to Pacific Oceans. Two species dominate Hawaii: a light blue or green color called “Kala” (Naso unicornis) and the Sleek Unicorn with a silver-colored body.

4. Ulrey Tetra:

The Ulrey Tetra or Broken-Line Tetra is a peaceful, schooling species found only in Rio Paraguay. This shoaling fish makes for an excellent addition to any South American community tank with plenty of shady areas.

Ulrey Tetra is a fish starts with U in the beginning

The males are known as “tetras” because they have four pairs of barbels that slither around when threatened; females have none! They’re also shy but active learners.

The Hemigrammus ulreyi have a silvery, semi-transparent body with bold black and yellow bands running along their flanks from the eye to the base of the caudal fin. There is also an interruption in these color patterns at about pelvic fins but isn’t completely missing.

The Ulrey Tetra has been named after Dr. Albert B Ulreay, the discoverer of this interesting fish species.

5. Utah Sucker:

The Utah sucker is a piscine freshwater fish found in the upper Snake River and Lake Bonneville areas of western North America. Its size varies from 15 to 25 inches long, though they typically grow no more than 16 inches.

Image Source: 365angler

The coloration pattern for this species consists primarily of dark shades with hints of white dots. Those colors may become more vibrant depending upon where it lives along its natural habitat corridor.

All the Other Remaining Fish Names Starting with U:

Until now, we’ve talked about only 5 fishes with U in the beginning. Those are the most popular and the common ones. Apart from them, other fishes starting with the letter U are:

  1. U-mark sandperch (Parapercis snyderi)
  2. Uganda nothobranch
  3. Ukrainian brook lamprey
  4. Umatilla dace
  5. U-spot wrasse
  6. Uaru fernandezyepezi
  7. Uegitglanis zammaranoi
  8. Umbrella cichlid
  9. Umbrella conger
  10. Umbrina reedi
  1. Umbrina imberbis
  2. Umbrina milliae
  3. Umpqua dace
  4. Umpqua chub
  5. Umpqua squawfish
  6. Unarmored threespine stickleback
  7. Unarmed dwarf monocle bream
  8. Uncisudis advena
  9. Uncisudis longirostra
  10. Uncinate sculpin
  1. Uncombed blenny
  2. Underjaw kingfish
  3. Uncisudis posteropelvis
  4. Undulate painted ray
  5. Underjaw kingfish
  6. Undistinguished sabretooth
  7. Ungusurculus komodoensis
  8. Undulated moray
  9. Ungusurculus collettei
  10. Ungusurculus philippinensis
  1. Ungusurculus sundaensis
  2. Ungusurculus williamsi
  3. Ungusurculus riauensis
  4. Unicorn grenadier
  5. Unicorn icefish
  6. Unicorn leatherjacket
  7. Unicolor moray
  8. Unicorn crestfish
  9. Unicorn sole
  10. Union snook
  1. Upeneichthys stotti
  2. United-lip Gudgeon
  3. Upeneus filifer
  4. Upeneus guttatus
  5. Upeneus mascareinsis
  6. Upeneus mouthami
  7. Upeneus quadrilineatus
  8. Upeneus australiae
  9. Upeneus crosnieri
  10. Upjaw barb
  1. Upper Grijalva livebearer
  2. Upland bully
  3. Upper Zambesi squeaker
  4. Upper Zambezi nembwe
  5. Upper Zambezi yellowfish
  6. Upper Zambesi labeo
  7. Upside-down goby
  8. Upsidedown Catfish
  9. Upturned snout rattail
  10. Upside-down harptail blenny
  1. Uranoscopus affinis
  2. Uranoscopus chinensis
  3. Uranoscopus crassiceps
  4. Uranoscopus bauchotae
  5. Uranoscopus filibarbis
  6. Uranoscopus fuscomaculatus
  7. Uranoscopus dahlakensis
  8. Uranoscopus marisrubri
  9. Uranoscopus marmoratus
  10. Uranoscopus guttatus
  1. Uroconger erythraeus
  2. Urolophus deforgesi
  3. Urolophus neocaledoniensis
  4. Urchin clingfish
  5. Urolophus papilio
  6. Uromegarei
  7. Urophycis mystacea
  8. Uropterygius makatei
  9. Uropterygius nagoensis
  10. Uropterygius golanii
  1. Uropterygius wheeleri
  2. Uropterygius genie
  3. Uruguay river sprat
  4. Uruguay tetra
  5. Usangu lampeye
  6. Ussuri catfish
  7. Urotrygon cimar
  8. Ursinoscorpaenopsis kitai
  9. Ussuri sharpbelly
  10. Usamacinta buffalo
  1. Uruguayan eartheater
  2. Usumacinta cichlid
  3. Usumacinta sea catfish
  4. Ussuri sharpbelly
  5. Utah chub
  6. Utah Lake sculpin
  7. Utiaritichthys sennaebragai
  8. Utiaritichthys longidorsalis

Final Words:

Fish names can be stat with any alphabet. Whether it’s a common name or scientific, it could be a freshwater or saltwater species. Therefore fish names starting with U, in the beginning, have few too. And we think, now you know a few of them too after reading this article.

We’ve mentioned a total of 103 fishes that start with the letter U. There could be more we couldn’t find. So, if you know anything other than these, share your knowledge with us in the comment section. Moreover, it’ll help the other readers as well.

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