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There’re many ways you can use to look for your desired fishes. And using specific letters can be an effective way to do it, as most of us know or remember them using their names. Also, you’ll be surprised to know how many fishes that start with the letter Z in the beginning.

Today we’re going to discuss the most common and popular fishes with Z in the beginning. And later, we’ll mention a list of all the remaining fishes with similar traits. Hopefully, you can find all the fish names that start with Z in this blog post.

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Most Common and Popular Fishes That has Letter “Z” in the Beginning:

1. Zebrafish (Zebra Danios):

A small popular freshwater aquarium fish that can reach about 4 cm in length. The Zebrafish or Zebra Danios are native to Asia. They’re tropical fish, which are widely used in scientific research. An interesting thing about this fish is- its regenerative ability.

Zebrafish (fish that has letter z in the beginning)

It’s named after the reminiscence of Zebra’s stripes. The five steady, horizontal, pigmented blue stripes and the upward mouth are usual for Zebrafish. The females are slightly different from the males.

The Zebrafish prefer shallow water areas with fairly moving to still freshwater for living. Its diet highly consists of different vegetation. And in captivity, it can live around 2-3 years.

3. Zebra shark:

There are many different types of sharks, but the zebra shark is an interesting one. This type of shark has a striped pattern on its skin that resembles a zebra. They are found in tropical waters near coral reefs. And will eat anything they can find, including other fish, crustaceans, squid, or octopus.

Zebra Shark (fish that starts with Z)

Zebra sharks have been known to be aggressive towards divers, so it is best not to swim with them if you see them swimming around your area.

Some of the facts about Zebra sharks: They grow up to 18 inches long -The stripes help camouflage it from enemies as well as prey -They live for 10 years on average -Zebra sharks prefer shallow waters between 60 and 100 feet deep.

4. Zebra bullhead shark:

The Zebra bullhead shark, which is a type of catfish that lives in Europe and Asia. The cool thing about this fish is its unusual appearance with the black stripes on its head and body. These catfish can grow up to 12 inches long, and they are bottom dwellers who eat insects, plants, and other small aquatic animals like shrimp or snails.

Zebra Bullhead Shark (Fish with Z)

The zebra bullhead shark (Heterodontus zebra) may be small in size, but they’re an aggressive and curious fish. These sharks live all throughout the Asia Pacific, from Japan to Australia, where their coloration helps them blend into the environment!

They live in shallow water areas where there is plenty of vegetation for them to hide in, but they also inhabit deep waters as well!

5. Zebra Pleco:

Zebra plecos are a species of freshwater fish found in the rivers and streams of South America. They’re typically found living among rocks, but they also like to hide in driftwood or flowerpots. Zebra pleco’s make good tank mates for most other types of tropical fish.

Zebra Pleco (Fish That has Z in the beginning)

It’s a beautiful fish that loves to eat algae. Zebra plecos are usually very timid and slow-moving, but they can be quite territorial regarding their food supply. They will fight other fish to get the last bit of algae or plant matter off rocks and plants.

6. Zebra loach:

The zebra loach is a freshwater fish native to India’s the Western Ghats. It can grow up to 9cm (3.5 inches) in size and prefers water with 6 – 7 pH levels, though it thrives best at 21–26 °C or 70 – 79 degrees Fahrenheit.

Zebra Loach (fish that starts with Z)

They’re peaceful fish that can be kept in community aquariums. However, they may show aggression against other small bottom feeders and should not be mixed with larger ones. It tends to get aggressive when others don’t match up well enough for their needs as a bottom-dweller.

They require five or more individuals per group. So only two would work fine if you have an apartment-sized tank–just make sure there are plenty of hiding spots available during most daylight hours!

7. Zander:

The zander, sander, or pikeperch is a species of ray-finned fish from the family Percidae, including perches, ruffes, and darters. It can be found in both freshwaters as well as brackish habitats across western Eurasia, where it inhabits riversides with vegetation on rocks above low tide levels.

Zander a Fish with Z in the Beginning

The zander is a large, predatory fish with an elongate body and green-brown coloration. It has the appearance of one species in particular – the European perch (Perca fluviatilis). And it’s a carnivore fish that feed on small schooling fishes.

8. Zebra moray:

The zebra moray eel is a mid-sized moray species known for its black and white striped appearance. The smallest specimens are only 2 feet (0.6 meters) long, while most reach over 4 feet (1 meter).

Zebra Moray Eel (fish that has Z in the Start)

They can be found worldwide, and their habitat is primarily on reefs throughout Indo Pacific regions or Eastern Pacific areas, including California (United States), Mexico, Columbia Galapagos Islands, etc.

The zebra moray eel can be a dangerous and misunderstood creature. Most people don’t know that their bites are only meant to defend themselves when humans try feeding them or touching them.

All the Other Remaining Fishes That Start with Z:

So far, we’ve only discussed 8 renowned fish species with Z in the beginning. But, still, there’re many more remaining. Those are:

  1. Zacapu allotoca
  2. Zacco pachycephalus
  3. Zabaleta anchovy
  4. Zaca blenny
  5. Zacco taiwanensis
  6. Zaireichthys camerunensis
  7. Zaire lampeye
  8. Zaireichthys brevis
  9. Zaireichthys compactus
  10. Zaireichthys flavomaculatus
  11. Zaireichthys heterurus
  12. Zaireichthys mandevillei
  13. Zaireichthys wamiensis
  14. Zaireichthys zonatus
  15. Zambezi happy
  16. Zambezi bream
  17. Zambezi parrotfish
  18. Zamurito
  19. Zanzibar barb
  20. Zambezi grunter
  21. Zanzibar butterflyfish
  22. Zanzibar tonguesole
  23. Zapteryx xyster
  24. Zavora pipefish
  25. Zanzibar guitarfish
  26. Zanzibar tonguesole
  27. Zearaja maugeana
  28. Zebra angelfish
  29. Zebra catfish
  30. Zebra clingfish
  31. Zebra garden eel
  32. Zebra goby
  33. Zebra spiny eel
  34. Zebra sweetlip
  35. Zebra tilefish
  36. Zebra turkeyfish
  37. Zebratail blenny
  38. Zebra seabream
  39. Zebra seahorse
  40. Zebra sole
  41. Zebra tilapia
  42. Zebra oto
  43. Zebrette goby
  44. Zebrias annandalei
  45. Zebrias crossolepis
  46. Zebrias keralensis
  47. Zebrias altipinnis
  48. Zebrias lucapensis
  49. Zebrias maculosus
  50. Zenarchopterus beauforti
  51. Zenarchopterus clarus
  52. Zenarchopterus dux
  53. Zebrias munroi
  54. Zelinda’s parrotfish
  55. Zenarchopterus philippinus
  56. Zenarchopterus xiphophorus
  57. Zenion japonicum
  58. Zenion longipinnis
  59. Zenarchopterus quadrimaculatus
  60. Zenopsis oblongus
  61. Zephyrichthys barryi
  62. Zeravshan dace
  63. Zenopsis stabilispinosa
  64. Zesticelus ochotensis
  65. Zesticelus bathybius
  66. Zhungarian ide
  67. Zhobi mahseer
  68. Zigzag barb
  69. Zigzag wrasse
  70. Zilli’s tilapia
  71. Ziege
  72. Ziegler’s triplefin
  73. Zirahuen allotoca
  74. Zingel
  75. Zingel balcanicus
  76. Zipper sand skate
  77. Zebra lionfish
  78. Zoarces elongatus
  79. Zoarces fedorovi
  80. Zoanimir’s blenny
  81. Zoarces andriashevi
  82. Zoarchias major
  83. Zoarchias microstomus
  84. Zoarchias neglectus
  85. Zoarchias glaber
  86. Zoarchias hosoyai
  87. Zoarchias macrocephalus
  88. Zoramia flebila
  89. Zoramia viridiventer
  90. Zona
  91. Zonetail butterfly ray
  92. Zugmayer’s pearleye
  93. Zungaropsis multimaculatus.
  94. Zuni bluehead sucker
  95. Zulu snakelet
  96. Zungaro jahu
  97. Zucchini catfish

Last Words:

There’re so many fishes that we don’t know or never even heard of. Can you imagine having 105 fishes that start with the letter Z in the beginning? Yes, some of them are the subspecies of a particular family. Still, 105 isn’t a shortlist, is it!

We don’t know about you. But as we’re working on this type of information, we’re getting amazed every time after completing the full list. So many of them, and who knows, how many we’ve left.

So, if you’re known to any fish with Z that we didn’t mention here, please mention it in the comment section. We’ll update our list. And it’ll help all of us.

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