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Garlic is an ingredient that helps food taste better. When used in the right amounts, it has many health benefits. Garlic makes fish food more enticing to fish, but more importantly, it helps keep parasites away, promotes growth, and boosts the immune system of koi fish.

But, how to feed koi garlic; what are the best methods to follow. There’re several ways to feed garlic to a koi fish, like- you can feed Koi the minced raw garlic or by mixing it with fish flakes and koi clay, etc. All of those methods are good and have their own merits.

However, here we’ve covered the most effective and safe ways that you can follow to feed koi fish garlic.

Here’s an article about the benefits of feeding garlic to fish.

How Can You Feed Koi Fish Garlic


As we’ve mentioned before, there’re several ways you can feed garlic to Koi fish. However, here we’ll discuss all the most convenient and standard methods you can try at home. Those are:

Method 1: Processed or Blended Garlic

Preparing Garlic to Feed to Koi Fish

Step 1: Wash the raw garlic and strain it. And straining isn’t mandatory.

Step 2: Put them into a food processor or blender, or chop them into pieces down to the size that Koi can eat. Also, you can feed the mashed garlic to fish too.

Step 3: Now, toss it on the water a little by little. If your Koi never had it before, they ignore it few times. However, eventually, they’ll love it.

Step 4: Dehydrate the remaining garlic and store it in an airtight container. The usual setting of the dehydrator is about 125-135 F for around 4-5 hours. However, after that, toss it to your koi pond whenever you like.

Method 2: Chopped Garlic (Raw Garlic)

Chopped or Minced Garlic for Koi fish

The second method of feeding garlic to a koi fish is simple. Just chop/minced the raw garlic into smaller pieces and throw it into the water. The Koi will get to it sooner or later.

Method 3: Dry Garlic Flakes Mixture

Dry Garlic Flakes for Koi fish

Step 1: Buy a packet of garlic flakes with fewer additives.

Step 2: Now, add vinegar and water to the flakes. The amount of water should be higher than vinegar.

Step 3: Stir it well to get everything together.

Step 4: Now, put it in the fridge for 2 days in a container with a lid.

Step 5: Then, add the mixture with the Koi food and fridge it again.

Step 6: Now, you can serve it to the Koi whenever you like.

Method 4: Crushed Garlic with Pellets

MIxing Crushed Garlic with Koi food and Caly

Step 1: Prepare the crashed garlic by a processor or blender.

Step 2: Mix Vitamin-C 2000 and garlic in a glass of warm water.

Step 3: Now mix it with the pellets.

Step 4: After 15-20 minutes, use clay to bind everything together.

Step 5: Now serve it to Koi fish.

Method 5: Garlic with Rice

Rice and Garlic for Koi

Another simple method to feed koi fish garlic is- mix the crushed garlic with boiled brown rice (white rice can be fed too). The amount should be 1 cup rice with 2 teaspoons of crushed garlic. Then mix it well, and serve it.

Method 6: Sprinkle Garlic into Curry Dish

Preparing Garlic for Koi Fish

Another way to feed garlic to Koi-

Step 1: Chop the garlic into tiny pieces.

Step 2: Then, sprinkle it into a curry dish.

Step 3: Add hot water and koi food to it.

Step 4: Wait until it cools down.

Step 5: Now, stir it well before serving.

Other than these methods, you can use garlic oil or garlic salt to mix with the koi food and feed it to Koi fish.

What Is the Right Amount of Garlic to Mix in a Koi Food

Koi fish can eat raw garlic without mixing it with any other foods. However, the right amount of garlic to mix with koi food should be based on your assumption. Around one-third or a fourth of the total. Also, the amount will vary according to your other food and the number of fish.

What is the right of garlic to feed koi fish eaveryday.

For usual Koi food or pellet, use 2-3 teaspoons of crushed garlic for a day-long food. And about garlic oil and salt, don’t put too much that the food taste will get bitter.

However, the amount of crushed/chopped/minced garlic, oil, or salt will vary according to your food need. If you have many Koi fish, the amount will increase following the food chunk.

How often Should You Feed Garlic to Koi Fish

Feeding Garlic to Koi Fish

There is no written rule on stone about how often you can feed garlic to koi fish. You can add 1-5% garlic to every meal of a Koi fish. However, if you’re providing the raw garlic, keep it to 2-4 times a week.

Final Thoughts:

Garlic is an excellent choice for all fishes. Mixing garlic with fish food will improve the health and growth of Koi or any other fish. Also, it boosts the immune system and prevents a lot of diseases like STDs and many more. But, how to feed Koi fish garlic?

There’re multiple ways like- chopped or minced raw garlic, mixing the crushed garlic with different foods, adding garlic oil or salt to koi foods, and many more. We’ve covered all the common methods you can follow. So, choose the one you like most.

Moreover, feeding garlic to koi fish has no stone rules. Therefore, you can provide it every now and then. Just remember, excessiveness isn’t a good thing for any matter.

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